Sunday, August 17, 2008

bye bye camera

Day 22 - coudln't leave town today as we still searching for our bag. Thought might be left behind at the last bar, but no luck. So, now we could officially confirmed that the bag was stolen. Checked out the Vang Vieng market hoping we would find the camera there. My heart would be so broken if I saw it there. It wasn't! I really don't know whether I was feeling relief or disappointed. Surely now I am disappointed. Found it in a shit hole is way better than no seeing it again...

Semi good news is my travel insurance would cover the lost n Ben got a nikkon DSLR we could use for the journey. The first time since a long time I had that bitter feeling inside me created by losing things. I seldome "lost" lost things, even so, I wouldn't let it bother me too much or thinking it too long. This time was different.

I have been enjoying Laos from day 1. I love this country n I love the people here. How ironic it was i m working a book on this country n my camera, money, my favorite shorts, my havianas were stolen here. I was very frastrated n grumpy at the time. So wanted to go home. Yet now, what's gone is gone.

A lot of people (including locals n the travellers) offering help, offering their pictures (haven't said that all their contacts were in the bag too....) Even thou we still can't retrieve anything. Life goes on. The book has a more interesting story to tell.

Bye bye havianas... Bye Bye camera... Bye Bye Vang Vieng


Ennahhhh said...

i am terribly sorry you've lost like everything.

thought this will never happen to you.


u have all blessings from hk to gathering things up once again.

Caz said...

Oh my goodness!!! you have not had the best of luck on the trip, have you?!?! transport issuess..... i hope it's all better from here... you still have your phone though, right? you can try to take photos with that?

take care and good luck honey... xx

Ennahhhh said...

i am now checking if i can join you in the rounding days of your trip.

Sara said...

I feel sorry to heard you lost many things in laos, I'm really understand what's your feeling when you lost the camera and many contacts... that is very important things and not the money problems. when last time, I nearly lost my contacts book and travel draw in Veng Vieng, I got similar feeling with you. harm and many sigh with emotion. but same as your said, you will got more story for your experience. everything with be alright! support you and looking forward can meet you again! :-)

Anita Lam said...

that's very comforting, anna. i did lost a pair n you are right. better than lost one.

my camera issue is over now. i think i have accepted the fact. but here is worse. no hot water, no water pressure, no electricity, bloody damn hot, baby of the owner in the guesthouse starts crying at 6am every morning, breakfast is always fried eggs n bread.

seriously, it is an experience. but i can't wait to come back to civilization n a big hug to you guys.

Lamb said...

sorry to learn that things dont go the way it should be, but 'hang in there' anita! what's lost is lost and i know that sucks, but move on! dont forget what you're there for! shitty things happens during a long trip, and the only thing that you can do about it is perhaps to avoid the same mistake, and get on with the rest of the journey!

make sure you get hold of a camera and take lots and lots of lovely pictures! good luck to the rest of your trip!!!! can't wait to see them when you're back!!