Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fuck all day in Sam Neua

Day 13 - didn't sleep at all last nite didn't leave us a clear mind. Today we managed to find a cheap guest house (no hot water shower...) but cheap enough as my financial situation wasn't too positive.

We droped off our bags and NEEDED food and a coffee. I had fried noodles and a lao coffee (very very good n strong coffee). We kind of walk around the town a bit. It was early morning about 730am when we finished breakfast. We tried to stay awake but it was hard.

Took a nap until 4pm n headed out for food again. wanna checked out the bus schedule for my next destination n information centre is closed. Everything seems extremely difficult to schedule here. Information from the locals was a bit confusing as everyone has their own version. so, there was a lot of guessing and trying n failing. haha!

Went to the same restuarant as this morning. apparently other resturants on lonely planet didn't exist anymore. Now pissing outside again. Managed to find an internet shop to do some writting. All other shops were closed. A korean traveller here had bigger problem than us. He can barely speaking any english n arranging his flight was almost impossible. I am now happy be able to help by lending him my mobile so he could call his family back home for some assistance.

Tmr I will rent a moto to drive around outside town. There is supposed really nice scenary n caves out there. will see. couldn't take any pix as the weather was pretty fucking bloody bad.

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